The French language is not just a passport to France; it is a passport to the world and beyond. While any language can be useful for some jobs and some areas, French, along with English, is the only language that can be used throughout the world and in the United States.

French is spoken on five continents and ranks, behind English, as the second most commonly taught foreign language. In addition, the Organization of Francphonie has 51 member states and governments. Of these, 28 countries use French as an official language. Additionally, France and the Francophone world, with their national treasures, beautiful island paradises, and well-known cultural icons offer the traveler or worker a world of potential discovery.

The basic French language program at West Virginia University provides the ideal place for students to delve into the exciting and vibrant French world. In this program, students can acquire or hone the four language skills (oral comprehension, reading, speaking, and writing) while also expanding their knowledge of French and Francophone culture and literature. The basic language sequence includes FRCH 101, 102, 203, 203 as well as the intensive 100 and 200 courses. Students are placed into the appropriate level via the use of a placement test that accurately assesses current proficiency in French.

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